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Anonymous asked: Geht es deinen Hundis gut? Bin etwas besorgt, weil man nichts mehr von ihnen sieht...?

Ja, ihnen geht’s gut. Man sieht von den beiden Zuckerstücken nichts mehr weil sie leider nicht mehr bei mir sind… ich war eine Weile in der Klinik und meine Familie hatte sich ihrer angenommen. Meine Cousine bekam Keksi, meine Mutter Lupa. Meine Cousine will Keks nun nicht mehr zurückgeben (ihre Mutter hat sogar geweint als ich sie wieder abholen wollte) und seitdem Lupa einen hektargroßen Garten zum Auslauf hat und ein Rudel (meine Mutter hat mehr Hunde), bringe ich es nicht übers Herz sie wieder mit in eine Großstadt zu nehmen… 
Es vergeht aber kaum ein Tag an den ich die beiden nicht vermisse, und selbst jetzt, noch Jahre nachdem sie nicht mehr bei mir sind, rufe ich manchmal nach ihnen ;_;

Anonymous asked: If you would need to choose, what would be more important for you: Sex or cuddling?

That’s a hard question, since sex and cuddling comes almost always hand in hand. I could have cuddles without sex, but I don’t think that I could have sex without cuddling. 
So, hm, I guess cuddling…?


Pinkie Pride!

Aaahhh!! That’s my cosplay!! That’s me!! Adorable ;A; I love it, thank you!!

Btw, I am pretty sick, so I won’t be at the toy fair tomorrow. Just in case if some of you were looking for me…

Direct comparison of my last two pictures. They were taken in a interval of only two days!
My belly really can change extremely, depending on what and how much I eat. 

That’s how I look usually. Still a little chubby belly, but not that extreme as on the last pictures!

That’s how I look usually. Still a little chubby belly, but not that extreme as on the last pictures!

Anonymous asked: Hi Glas, who of your two cuties do you know longer? Misscherry or Schpog?

I know Schpog since she’s 14, so around 8 years! 

Some more questions answered!

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There you go, have another one.
You guys should have seen the look on Schpogs face when she saw my bump! She couldn’t stop staring nor touching and was so confused and emotional, taking all those pictures, haha <3 oh my.

Anonymous asked: You look sexy with the foodbabybump :x

Oho! Thank you very much. I’d probably let you touch it, if you want to. <3 

Suits somehow in my secret little feeding kink.

Huge Askpost! (“Thank you”s, “About Me”s and Other Things)

Okay, I finally, FINALLY found the time to answer some asks! 
You guys always send me such interesting and often beautiful words and I wish I could answer them all, but there are still 1K asks waiting in my inbox and - ohgod I wish I could multiply myself. Graaahggnjmnjdjgsfk


Anways, as always: Don’t feel bad when I didn’t answer your ask (yet)!

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Anonymous asked: same anon: so if i would say to for exsample the last picture " im jealous of schpog and would lvoe to be at her place" you would jsut shrug and go on?

Hm? No. I would acknowlege your feelings and take them serious, probably showing my gratitude for your feelings and my respect that you told me.

But if your question between the lines would be: “Would you give me a chance?” well, then the answer would be a little different. Generally I give everyone a chance. Just the mere statement that somebody is jealous of my girlfriends doesn’t give them more chances than any other stranger, you know? I get intimate with people because I get attracted to their actions, personality, and sometimes maybe their appearance - not because they tell me that they are jealous or because they simply present me with compliments. (Which are nice so long they come by heart, but still not a currency for love or sex.)

Not that I ascribe you to anything, I just wanted to make this clear.

Anonymous asked: and as ever i could just bite into "dat azz". *sigh*sometimes i think people like you jsut want to make me jealous either on having ssomething like it or having friendlike it to share *curls up in a corner and weeps about desperate i am D: *

No, don’t think like that! I prefer to post such pictures to show people that un-average (is that an english word?) bodies are beautiful, too.

Anonymous asked: Isn´t it weird that with each photo of who evers butt is on display you get those creepy messages that " want a piece of dat a$$"?

Hmm. It’s neutral to me. Some people might like an ass because they like the person who wears it, some people might like the shape, some people might be ass fetishists - So, hm, I don’t really conceive an opinion when I read only those comments.

I made a new template for my tumblr, yay <3

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