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Just a quick hint: I got 50+ messages in the last hours and I’m surely won’t be able to answer all of them. Please don’t be sad when I won’t answer your ask! 

(Also 4chan sadly seems to have also sent me over some haters, getting a lot of hate messages right now and I want to enjoy the rest of my birthday with joyful things, so I’m off for a while now! See ya!)

Anonymous said: Happy birthday Glassy~! Hope it's a wonderful, amazing day!!

Thank youuu! So far I’m not the healthiest right now (got sick tonight), but my day is full of positive messages, so it’s very okay. <3 

Have an amazing day, too!

Anonymous said: I have something to admit. I admit that I was a horrible person. Until around a year ago I made fun of people for their looks. I laughed at fat people or weird faces. But around that time I found your blog. And I saw so much beauty. In chubby people in interesting faces. Around that time I also started to draw. And I started to see curves and light and shadow interacting. And I looked at people differently, suddenly everyone was beautiful. Thank you for helping me seeing the beauty everywhere!

Wow. That is amazingly honorable of you to admit and also very nice to tell me. Thank you for that insight of your change, I appriciate it. I bet you make not only me but many others who read that happy!

Anonymous said: is there anywhere I can talk to you?

Over message via tumblr or my livestreams! I don’t have any messager anymore, since I really have almost no freetime, and If I have, I use it to draw or tumblr or spending time with my girlfriends.

Me at work
Recorded by one of my employees

Anonymous said: Would you be comfortable having sex with a trans woman?

I had sex with a trans person before and it wasn’t much different from my other experiences. It really depends on the person, you know?

Okay, I feel like I need to explain a little regarding the last post.

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galleryofmistakes replied to your post “Why appledash though? ….”

Just wanted you to know that your appledash is directly responsible for my GF and I getting together. She fell in love with your photoset and wanted to do her own shoot, called and asked me to be the rainbow to her ‘Jack. Thank you for shipping!

Oh man, oh man, oh man! That’s so adorable and awesome! Would you mind showing us some of those pictures? :D

I will never forget that one time when I wore a cushion as a fake pregnacy belly for a cosplay on a convention and there was this one girl following for hours, not stopping touching my belly, saying “I COULD FEEL IT KICKING” (???), looking shocked when I told her that I don’t know who actually made it and not even realizing I was serious when she asked “what will you name it?” and I answered “cushion”

Anonymous said: Are you getting my asks I sent you a couple last night

not sure

thatonelane said: Isn't it funny how you get back on tumblr after a while and already so many people are in absolute love with you? *gah* I'm so jealous!

I don’t like making people jealous! I always tell them: I’ve come a long, long, extremly long way. I had no friends for over 10 years, I was completly alone, a part of my family abused me and I had noone to talk with and I was harassed and bullied at school on an extreme level (not only by my class but by my whole school). Really, no one liked me, because I was just too strange for other children and pretty antisocial. And I worked really, really hard to be the way I am today, taught me self confidence for years, achieved acceptance towards myself when no one else did and also did a lot to get more empathetic and respectful towards others by listenting to them.

In general many people I know who are famous, extremly skilled or have a lot of fans had the worst life before they rose from this shit and darkness, so I would advice you trying to see a bigger picture before you get jealous of people who got much in any kind of way. You really never know what they have done to become that way.

(I know you didn’t mean to offend me nor did you want me any harm, I just got a bunch of those messages in the last days and I felt the need to tell this.)

But apart from that, I of course really do appriciate it and am blushing every single time I scroll over those comics, haha <3

This is my puppy, her name is Khaleesi but I feel like she doesn’t really live up to her name

Anonymous said: Why appledash though? It's overrated and anybody can like it because it an easy ship to see then again so is cheese/pinkie but that ship hasn't reached overrated yet. Of course I ship pinkie with everyone.

Ehm sorry but what the heck. I don’t choose the things I like because they are rare, extraordinary or non-mainstream, I choose them because they make me feel good. And I highly recommend everyone else to do that.



i’m back on Tumblr since what a week or something

and I already have so many little crushes on so many tumblr people

like… “ohgod this person seems so awesome I wanna get to know her but fuck they are living in narnia and we’ll probably never meet and I’m lacking freetime and a contact probably…

How do you think we feel about you and schpog and cherry? Constant crush. Constant Narnia. Constant sad face.

Aw no please don’t feel sad ‘bout this! No sad faces because of us. It’s a rule, okay? Also, I read everyone of your comments and stuff and it makes me very happy!

Via Geographer does what?

i’m back on Tumblr since what a week or something

and I already have so many little crushes on so many tumblr people

like… “ohgod this person seems so awesome I wanna get to know her but fuck they are living in narnia and we’ll probably never meet and I’m lacking freetime and a contact probably would be awkward anyway so it’s okay when we’re not talking but what am I’m going to do with this frickin huge amount of feels for them is there any ANY physical valve on my body for thIS SO I STOP FEELING SO MUCH FUCK I LOVE WHAT THEY ARE DOING” sheesh fuck I how can I feel so much positive shit I hate it



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