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Anonymous said: why do you talk english so well? i thought you were german? :D

It is rumored that people can learn new languages, but this must be a legend.

Anonymous said: Who is Kon-Elle? When have you first gotten into Cosplay and Comics?

Kon-Elle is my personal gender bended version of Superboy/Kon-El, but with her own past and such. Since, when you are born with another gender, life could change completly. 

Kon-Elle is very, very dear to me and I am very proud to say that also other people like her.

As for the second question, I got into cosplay back when I read Harry Potter (I was cosplaying Lily and Tonks when I was 14) and into (western) comics around 5 years ago.

Anonymous said: Sooo. How was your lil weekend trip? Also, did Schpog and Misscherry come with you? Just feeling very curious right now.

Schpog came with me. I met some very, very wonderful people, but I (and two other friends) was also robbed by a gang in a bar who sexually harassed one of us, and while we wanted to help the others stole our bags.

I’m a bit down because of that, espeically since there were so many pictures and videos and contacts in that phone …

dandyinspace92 said: That's really sexy. Would you grant a sweet guy his dreams and let him participate with a few pretty ladies?

I am of the strong opinion that sex and lust should be a consensual matter, not a favour granting.

Anonymous said: Do you have harem fantasies?

Oh, damn I have. Since I’m around 14. It’s one of my favorite fantasies to live in a big (maybe even oriental) place, have enough money to buy my girls (and maybe people of other genders) nice clothes and enable them the education they want, help them to grow and to love and to face their demons. Also to watch them loving each other and such things. You have no idea how much I would love to have something like that.


(But first I need way more money. Maybe I can achive this in 5 years or something?)

dandyinspace92 said: have you ever had a threesome? with who and what was it like?

Yes, countless times. Also Foursomes, and even more. It was almost always nice and friendly but for some exceptions. I’d rather not list all the names since it’s not a very polite thing to do.

Anonymous said: This might sound a little strange, but I was wondering what your hair/skin/nutritional routines are? As in, what do you do that your hair and skin always look so amazing? Do you do or use anything specific? uwu I hope you have a great day!

Actually, really not much. In this regards I have good genetics. Well, or rather not, I have so much cellulite and strech marks.

As for my hair, I use different shampoos from time to time, because my hair loves that change! And I don’t bleach my hair and let it dry in the air. That’s the best way to treat my natural curls!


Pictures from the SUPER GEEK NIGHT 2014 in Munich, Germany!!

Look there’s Schpog and me! *-* I was dancing!

Via The Item Shop Blog

Anonymous said: Dear Raph, can you tell us what are the differences between having sex with a men or a woman? (or an alien?)


Hm, well… You are asking for my person opinion, right? Because I think that there are people who don’t see any difference at all or have completly other opinions than I do.

So, my personal opinion. Though I can imagine that it may offence some people, which I definitly do not want.

There are two things I do not like much about having sex with men.

1. I am not to found of the male shape. I can appriciate it, and in some very rare cases even like it a tiiiiiny bit in a sexual way (Geralt from the Witcher, for example), but it’s really a difference to the female shape, which I adore. So when I have sex with a man, I’m mostly turned on because of his personality only, while, when having sex with a women, I am turned on because of her body and mind. 
I find that unfair myself, so having sex with a man doesn’t come to my mind, often.

2. There are waaaay less expectations with females. I have some huge troubles with expectations (When people expect me to be nice, to let them sleep at my place when they didn’t search for a hotel. when they visit me and expect me to be there for them or do things together or whatever - I really, really dislike expectations.), and you know, when a man is touching me, he usually is expecting me to touch him, too, or at least wants to cum.

While when women are touching me, they usually don’t expect anything, they just want to touch me and usually never want to cum.

I of course know that there are exceptions, but that’s how the things usually get in my bed. And so I feel that sex with women - in general - is a lot more pure and altruistic. I feel more safe around them and more right to exist the way I am.

(A little sad story: I once had a very sweet male buddy which I respected and adored much. He knew about my problems, but decided to touch me anyways. Which was fine with me, but I told him again and again: “Don’t expect me to touch you, cause I won’t”. He said it’s fine, again and again, and I usually ended our sexual interactions after an hour or something, because it just felt  to unfair too me that I was only taking.

After some time he touched me again (by his will, not mine), then suddenly stoppped and said: “There you go. Now you know how it feels.”

It really broke a lot of my trust into men. 

But of course I know that not all men are like that. I’m just way more careful with them and need a lot of time with them, before I decide to sexually interact.)

As for aliens, well. I guess there are a lot kind of aliens, so I can’t give an specific answer.

Except, well, I would love to caress the doctor, and hold him, and make him feel good. Heh.

Via Pssst! This is my not so secret adult blog!

Anonymous said: Wow. WOW. Gosh! How can one person contain so much sexy??? Reveal your secrets!

Oh, you! Heh. It comes naturally when my girlfriend is around. 

Sexy times!

(pssst, I now have an almost-secret sideblog for all of my suggestive stuff I do produce <3)

Going To Berlin!

Heyo friends & fans from the east of Germany, I’m going to Berlin this weekend. There will be a little Meet-Up at saturday, feel free to participate if you want to meet <3

Here’s the event on Facebook!

Some pages of my very, very beloved scrapbook <3

Mabel & Dippy Dips! Collab with Schpog, based on this sketch of hers! <3 

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