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So I wanted to do one of these color palette challenges that have been going around but instead of drawing random characters by request I just went ahead and picked a motif and palette by myself… haven’t drawn in a while, I need to get back into the swing of things!

So here’s the result. It was fun, guess I’ll try more pictures and more bold color choices! This lovely lady is glasmond, and the idea appeared in my head when I recently read about how she’s not only a talented artist and a successful entrepreneur, she’s also wicked talented when it comes to styling in general, and apparently hair in particular. Having so many skills is obviously sorcery, so that’s where the text/title comes from. (Also I love her flowy red hair *flails*)

Oh what a wonderful surprise <3


Wibbly Wobbly Timey Whimey Stuff at ITEM SHOP!
Featuring Darth Vader, Leeloo & Korben Dallas, the Doctor, Marty McFly and more!

…and apparently also some Glasmond/Doctor. Tehhh heh heh heh

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Anonymous said: Valentines day is coming up <3 i've got something for you but i'm wondering what you will do for your ladies, Nice dinner? Restaurant? Home party? <3 Kisses - Teekee

Hm, we’ll be mostly at the shop at valentines day, and I think we’ll be very beaten after that, so probably it will be just cuddling and eating/preparing dinner together. <3

Some old pictures I haven’t uploaded!

Via Glasmond-Photography

Direct comparison of my last two pictures. They were taken in a interval of only two days!
My belly really can change extremely, depending on what and how much I eat. 

That&#8217;s how I look usually. Still a little chubby belly, but not that extreme as on the last pictures!

That’s how I look usually. Still a little chubby belly, but not that extreme as on the last pictures!

Some more questions answered!

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Some pictures of the Toyfair in Nuernberg! We had loads of fun and found so many new Items for my shop!

Via Glasmond-Photography

There you go, have another one.
You guys should have seen the look on Schpogs face when she saw my bump! She couldn’t stop staring nor touching and was so confused and emotional, taking all those pictures, haha <3 oh my.

Omg today I had the biggest foodbabybump ever, I look seriously pregnant?

Huge Askpost! (“Thank you”s, “About Me”s and Other Things)

Okay, I finally, FINALLY found the time to answer some asks! 
You guys always send me such interesting and often beautiful words and I wish I could answer them all, but there are still 1K asks waiting in my inbox and - ohgod I wish I could multiply myself. Graaahggnjmnjdjgsfk


Anways, as always: Don’t feel bad when I didn’t answer your ask (yet)!

More after the cut.

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Here’s the intro of what I’m doing. I saw that Mindlessgonzo wasn’t going to do one for his reasons that are explained on his youtube account, sooo I decided that I’m going to do one for Glasmond’s work.


Well, why not?

Her art is awesome and she is awesome!!

Sorry for that logo. I don’t have the paid version of the software I’m using for this.

Whaaa, amazing!! I feel so honored!! <3

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Anonymous said: same anon: so if i would say to for exsample the last picture " im jealous of schpog and would lvoe to be at her place" you would jsut shrug and go on?

Hm? No. I would acknowlege your feelings and take them serious, probably showing my gratitude for your feelings and my respect that you told me.

But if your question between the lines would be: “Would you give me a chance?” well, then the answer would be a little different. Generally I give everyone a chance. Just the mere statement that somebody is jealous of my girlfriends doesn’t give them more chances than any other stranger, you know? I get intimate with people because I get attracted to their actions, personality, and sometimes maybe their appearance - not because they tell me that they are jealous or because they simply present me with compliments. (Which are nice so long they come by heart, but still not a currency for love or sex.)

Not that I ascribe you to anything, I just wanted to make this clear.



Schpog takes the weirdest best pictures of me

Do you know this sudden rush of hate messages, all appearing in one row, probably by the same person telling you the worst things?

Never seen this the other way round. 

To whomever did this: Thank you so much. You are a bright kind little jewel to do such things and to let me experience this. <3

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