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Pinkie Pride!

Aaahhh!! That’s my cosplay!! That’s me!! Adorable ;A; I love it, thank you!!

Anonymous asked: You just reblogged something you've already reblogged or am i drunk..?

I reblogged something from one of my other tumblr, glasmond-photography in this case.

Some old pictures I haven’t uploaded!

Via Glasmond-Photography

Btw, I am pretty sick, so I won’t be at the toy fair tomorrow. Just in case if some of you were looking for me…

My hair has grown so long by now <3

Anonymous asked: hello you have anon turned off on submissions ;; just thought you may not be aware <3

To submit anonymously you need to log out and add a random email!

Anonymous asked: Do you know the online animated series RWBY?

Nope! Why do you ask?

Direct comparison of my last two pictures. They were taken in a interval of only two days!
My belly really can change extremely, depending on what and how much I eat. 

That&#8217;s how I look usually. Still a little chubby belly, but not that extreme as on the last pictures!

That’s how I look usually. Still a little chubby belly, but not that extreme as on the last pictures!


Fuck you.

As the number of asks rises the follower number decreases.
I am sorry for all the new followers who expected me to be different!

Fetish question for my followers!

As a fetishist myself I am interested: any of my followers have a fetish, too? 

(A real fetish as such, something you absolutely need to get turned on or reach an orgasm; I’m not talking about kinks)
And what kinds of things do you imagine? Can you tell me whats the biggest turn on of you? (And what gender you are/you identify yourself)

Please send me your asks or submissions anonymously (so I can post them later) and talk as freely as it feels good to you! I always felt very lonely with having a fetish and I am glad to read some other experiences, regardless which fetish. (But to be honest, I am especially interested in “socially” inacceptable fetishes, such as Zoophilia, Andromimetophilia, Enemas, Vore, Acrotomophilia, Feeding, Vampirism, Mechaphila…)

I am very interested in your thoughts.

(If you don’t think that you have a fetish, but think of “extreme” or uncommon things to get aroused, please tell me, too!)

Anonymous asked: I've been wondering this for a really long time now, and i'm not sure if you've answered it but: if you are so open about your life and sexuality on your pictures, how come you hide the soft spots (vag,nipples) also when is the item shop closed? Btw i luv u and you're amazing don't change that <3

Ah, a good question. I try to explain this in English as good as I can.

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