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Me as humanized Rarity from My Little Pony. Thanks to Schpog for taking those!

Found this again on anthother blog and woooahhh 900+ notes. Never thought you guys would like my Rarity cosplay!!

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welcome to another exciting episode of “this is as finished as it’s gonna get!” starring: Hunkle Grunkle Stan!


"I SWEAR that dog was RUNNING into my mouth while I was yawning!"



When an actor stumbles into their fandom on Tumblr:


The longer that gif went on, the more I laughed/cried. 

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Anonymous said: People ask for an incest tag because many people have been victims of irl incest and even fake pairings are triggering. You should consider tagging it. The others I'm not as sure about.

I already understood when you sent me this the last time and I was immediatly adding tags to that sort of things.

Anonymous said: Hello dear Glasmond, I'm really amazed by how much effort you put into answering the messages you get. I'm always hesitant to approach people as I don't want to annoy them, so I'd like to ask if you could maybe give a short list of 'DOs and DON'Ts when messaging someone you don't really know'? I know you've had some bad experiences with stalkers and I think most of these people don't even realize they're being creepy. Maybe such a list would help. Thanks for considering!

I don’t know man, that’s a hard question, because everyone is different. Some people might love compliments, some might hate them. You should check their asks and see how they react.

And just for the record: From 10 people I am messaging only 2 people write something back, haha. So I don’t know if I’m the right person to ask this…

But as for the stalkers, some DON’Ts:

  • Don’t make presents in order to get something in return (like attention or an artwork or even an reaction)
  • Don’t ask the same questions over and over
  • Don’t tell them that you want to move to their hometown and expect them to spend time with you
  • Don’t tell them that you’re planning to move in with them
  • Don’t say something like “u guys imagine all us of the livestream cumming on glasmonds body, she, lying in the bed, full of our cum…”
  • Don’t expect them to be your friend just because you’re nice to them
  • Don’t expect anything from them, honestly

DOs (only in my case, since, as I said, others might think different)

  • Tell them what positive feelings they cause you
  • In case of an artist: tell them what you can see in their pictures and what they mean to you (Like: Oh man, that pic cause a huge story in my head and made me like XY, for example)
  • Tell them why you like them

Well, yes. Maybe that helped a little?

Anonymous said: Hehe~ I've got a little something for the ever-awesome Glasmond~! But she has to wait until tomorrow to get it. Hehe~ Clue: 'Embrace body diversity'

Woo a birthday present? I’m excited! *-*

Anonymous said: I have something to admit. I admit that I was a horrible person. Until around a year ago I made fun of people for their looks. I laughed at fat people or weird faces. But around that time I found your blog. And I saw so much beauty. In chubby people in interesting faces. Around that time I also started to draw. And I started to see curves and light and shadow interacting. And I looked at people differently, suddenly everyone was beautiful. Thank you for helping me seeing the beauty everywhere!

Wow. That is amazingly honorable of you to admit and also very nice to tell me. Thank you for that insight of your change, I appriciate it. I bet you make not only me but many others who read that happy!

Anonymous said: I am sorry to say this even if that anti shipper deserved it. Teland saying that guy is a worthless human being can be triggering what if someone was abused and told they were worthless everyday to the point they start to believe it so they use the internet as an escape from that. So I think people need to becareful with how they insult people because you never know if you will drive someone to suicide. Don't ever tell anyone they are worthless because you never know if they are being abused.

While I think you’re right (there surely are people who can’t take to read when somebody is called worthless), I have to say that it’s hard to draw a line with all this triggering warning and being careful with what you say. I try my best to be very careful, but the amount of different “please tag your ***posts” I got in the last 7 days is frustrating.

Some examples:

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for those who are experiencing anxiety because of all the news about Ferguson:

here’s a nice, calming site that plays rain ambiance 

this website generates pictures of kittens

this site plays soothing music

play with a tamagotchi!

draw whatever you want!

please stay informed yet calm!


Thank fucking god

"please stay informed yet calm!", that’s very wise. 

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jayristhegreat said: So, I need some advice, I was wondering, how do you get so much people to be your friend, respect you, and shower you in endless Compliments? without being too Awkward?

Maybe it’s because I listen to them and try to feel them and face them with respect (unless they give me reason not to do so).

But I honestly don’t know, you should ask those who approach me like this.

Anonymous said: your super cute mabel/dipper picture made me start watching gravity falls!! thank you!!


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