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Hello guys! I have great request and you could help. In case you didn’t know: the sweatheart Diana (better known as misscherry) is in a induced coma at the moment. She’s a friend of mine and I want to make a video for Cherry with a song wich a friend and I are recording espacially for her. I wanted to reach all the good people who believe in this little girl and want to help me creating this video! Everything you have to do is to take a picture of yourself with a short nice message for her. If you’re not sure what to say just use “Pray for Miss Cherry” But I don’t want to receive pictures where you just hold a piece of paper into the camera. Be creative. It would be great on your skin but it’s your decision. I’m really excited for your ideas and thankful for your help!

What a beautiful idea!! 
I think the best would be when you submit the pictures directly to:

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Anonymous said: So you guys... "decided to retreat from the internet"? But the next thing you do is posting this? Do you do this for attention or what? Plus: I think it's damn rude to post pics of MissCherry while she is in coma. Is this some kind of sick advertisement for you? I feel really sorry for her having friends like you.

your mind is shallow and sick



I want to take a moment to tell you guys about something really important to me, because it is important to some people here on tumblr who have more than once helped brighten my day in more ways than one with their art, their wonderful personality, their infectious good spirits, and their inspiring love for one another.

A while back, when I was new to tumblr, I stumbled upon this blog called “Ask Kon-elle”, which I knew from my days as a fan of DC Comics’ original Young Justice series to be a feminine version of Kon-El, the Kryptonian name of Superboy (Superman’s teenage clone). Out of curiosity, I opened the page and did some exploring. And then some more. And then some more. And soon, I was smiling and heading to DeviantART to find more pictures by the artist, a wonderful person by the name of Glasmond.

After that, I began to follow more of Glas’ work. Her other ask blog, “Ask Human Pinkie Pie,” was frequented at times daily, if only just to hear the soundtrack she had for it. It was thanks to her that I now have a separate playlist for Electro-Swing on my iPod, filled to bursting with songs by Caravan Palace and Tape Five. Hell, if it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t even know this genre of swing existed! For that, I am eternally grateful, as few types of music make me want to dance like an idiot and unwind without a care in the world like Electro-Swing :D.

Human Pinkie Pie was (and still is) one of my favorite blogs here on tumblr. Granted, some art is NSFW and not for everyone, but regardless, the majority of it there captures the spirit of a fun-loving, upbeat, energetic person, full of life and love who shares it willingly with others, and makes the world brighter all the while. Several times, when I was feeling down, I would go to this blog and just let the music work it’s way into me, reread some of Pinkie’s adventures, and just let the combination of the two wash away my troubles.

Through this blog, I found “Ask Human Appledash,” run by Glas’ friend Schpog. This blog had so many wonderful, heartwarming, heartwrenching, tearjerking, human moments with two of the best people in the Mane 6 as they came to terms with their feelings for one another, and realized just how important they are to each other. I laughed, I cried, I hoped, I smiled, I frowned, I giggled like an idiot with pure glee at the cuteness and happy moments. I love this blog so much. Schpog’s artwork, just like Glas’, really sells it, and her work outside of the askblog is nothing short of phenomenal.

I felt really bad when they and their friend MissCherry had to leave tumblr for a while because some low-life was making their online lives hell. I wanted nothing more than to give that guy a sound thrashing for being so self-centered and just plain mean to these wonderful people. Routinely, I would log in and check to see if they had come back, to see if the ask sections were open so I could ask them (and the humanized ponies) so fun questions that had been nagging at the back of my mind that wanted to be answered. I checked their artblogs and DeviantART places for new updates, waiting for something new that I could smile at. And, from time to time, it would happen.

So, why am I gushing about these two so much?

Simple, because right now, they need as much support as we can give them. They’ve given us so many fun moments and artwork that has lifted us up when we were down, so now it is our turn to show them just how much they mean to us in this time, when things seem dark and lonely.

MissCherry, this sweet, wonderful person, is currently in an induced coma because of a previous illness, on top of some other physical and psychological stress she’s been under over the course of the past six months. It had gotten so bad that several of her organs had shut down by the time they had to put her in this state. Poor Glas didn’t even get to be there when she went under, and as you can guess, that’s something that’s weighting heavily on her soul right now,

And yet, she doesn’t want to give up on hope.

And neither should we. That’s why #prayformisscherry exists, here on tumblr, on FB, and on Twitter too. So that we can join together in creating positivity, sharing hope, uplifting one another in this time, and keeping the people closest to Miss Cherry in good spirits in their hour of need. If you guys create, be it art, words, music, videos, or whatever, see if you can draw something up for them to make them smile and remember they can pull through. If you dont’ view yourself as such, write a text post, find a motivational quote and post it with a smalle blurb about this, and send it out into the ‘net with the hashtag “#prayformisscherry” attatched, so that they know people out there care about them, about Miss Cherry, and that they aren’t going through this alone.

Let’s all make as many positive things as possible, so that Miss Cherry can see them all when she wakes up. :’)

That was so really, really sweet of you to share…

Via Erik Howlett

Pray For Miss Cherry


I made a page on Facebook if anyone is interested in spreading the hope.

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Reminder of what an adorable little lady she is.

I know I retreated from tumblr, but this is important.
My beloved MissCherry had to suffer a lot of physical and mental shit for the last 6 months and got extremly sick over the last days and is now in an inducted coma. It doesn’t look good for her. She is suffering from serveral diseases at the same time and some of her organs have stopped working.

I didn’t even had the chance to be with her before they put her into coma. She was all alone and I have enormous trouble to live with that.

I don’t want to give up hope.
And I know that many of her friends and fans don’t want to, either. So I decided to bring #prayformisscherry (on FB, Tumblr, Twitter) into being. So we can stick together, can share hope, create positive energy. If you draw/write/make something for her, make sure you tag it as #prayformisscherry. Create as many posts as you wish. I will look through them, too.

And hopefully I can show this to her when she wakes up…

Announcement: Private Retreat

Hey guys.

Because of the the heavy stalking and impersonating problems since almost one year, MissCherry, Schpog and I decided to retreat from the internet. 

Maybe we’ll still reblog things once in a while, but we won’t post any private pictures and opinions anymore. Maybe we will shut down our tumblrs completly.

Please don’t expect any answers towards asks.
Sorry for the inconvenience, guys. I love you.

PS: Be careful when you find suspicious MissCherrys, Glasmonds and Schpogs on any platform. 

Anonymous said: I just wondered, if you got my "Ask". Don't want to stress you, but I would be much calmer if I knew you received it. If not, here's the Link to the Google Doc: docs google com/document/d/1jJ1TQwA17He21ewyTjV9Eu7Vvtu_ZTTmKkJp_3I4QGs/edit?usp=sharing - Wish you a nice day anyways, stay like you are! :-)

Yes, I recieved it! Hadn’t had time to answer it yet, sadly. (I have quite a bunch of longer messages waiting here because they take way longer to answer, usually)

Have a nice day, too!



Did you ever realize how much your body loves you? It’s always trying to keep you alive. It’s making sure you breathe while you sleep, stopping cuts from bleeding, fixing broken bones, finding ways to beat the illnesses that might get you. Your body literally loves you so much. It’s time you start loving it back.


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Anonymous said: Geht es deinen Hundis gut? Bin etwas besorgt, weil man nichts mehr von ihnen sieht...?

Ja, ihnen geht’s gut. Man sieht von den beiden Zuckerstücken nichts mehr weil sie leider nicht mehr bei mir sind… ich war eine Weile in der Klinik und meine Familie hatte sich ihrer angenommen. Meine Cousine bekam Keksi, meine Mutter Lupa. Meine Cousine will Keks nun nicht mehr zurückgeben (ihre Mutter hat sogar geweint als ich sie wieder abholen wollte) und seitdem Lupa einen hektargroßen Garten zum Auslauf hat und ein Rudel (meine Mutter hat mehr Hunde), bringe ich es nicht übers Herz sie wieder mit in eine Großstadt zu nehmen… 
Es vergeht aber kaum ein Tag an den ich die beiden nicht vermisse, und selbst jetzt, noch Jahre nachdem sie nicht mehr bei mir sind, rufe ich manchmal nach ihnen ;_;

Anonymous said: Please tell misscherryto do more videos like that because she is amazing at it

Yes, I already did! She definitly should.

Anonymous said: would you ever date any guys that were ugly physically but have a funny, nice personality?

A person with a great personality can’t be ugly.

Anonymous said: Im sorry for the loss.

What are you talking about?


Radioactive ASL Interpretation

As some of you may know I am learning german sign language and love translating songs into sign! Yesterday I saw a wonderful interpretation of the song Radioactive by Imagine Dragons from the amazing asl youtuber Alissa and decided to try my hands on it! 

I usually sign in german sign language (DGS) though, mind you! I really want to keep making these video and I am working on a next idea already. Next time I will be more brave with my expressions! 

I hope you enjoy the video <3 

You did a wonderful job, love! Looks so strong and sexy, we definitly need to do more of them.

Via La danse macabre

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