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Hey guys, I’m fortunate enough to be a part of the “MeatBall Head” Art show curated by the awesome nicocolaleo in L.A.

This one was fun, I rarely use line and have been having fun with it lately working on comics and planting Easter eggs in my pieces,would’ve liked to have planted more but eh, next time. Hope you like it.

Unfortunately I won’t be there but my piece will- along with some other awesome artists who I work with( wscottforbes (who was a saint when it came to color tweaks & advice) , halfglovepunch , perinm & shaburdies ) and some who I follow on tumblr. Go check it out if you’re in the area at at Meltdown Comics/Nerdist Showroom on August 16th ! Should be a good time :).


Anonymous said: I really want to do something about Ferguson but I live states away and have no money to fund anything. Do you know of any petitions or SOMETHING I can do, because I've tried my hardest to get the word out, we new to reach out to these people. I feel like we aren't doing enough there has to be something.


Okay there’s a lot of different posts with multiple links each on how to help and some of them overlap so I’m just gonna compile all the relevant links I can think of here:

Contact the Ferguson Police Department and seek information on those being detained, the protests, legal procedures, etc.

Ferguson Police Department
Email (taken off the site)
222 S. Florissant Road Ferguson, MO 63135
Ph: 314-522-3100 Fx: 314-524-5290

  • DO NOT reblog photos of Mike Brown’s body lying on the street. His family has requested that these photos not be spread around. Please respect their wishes.

Very importantly, stay alert. Read everything you can on the subject. The reports on The New York Times, Al Jazeera, and other news outlets are very limited, especially because the police in Ferguson are going to great lengths to keep reporters out. Seek out what you can online and from first hand sources, if you know anyone in the area. Listen to the stories of those who have been affected by this tragedy and other similar ones. Educate yourself as much as you possibly can so you can help make sure the right people are heard.

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lmao this is really sloppy i just wanted to tell a joke… 

i also have confirmed that i cannot draw a bra unless someone is wearing it…

MABELS PRECIOUS FACE! This is so adoraableeee




Just a quick hint: I got 50+ messages in the last hours and I’m surely won’t be able to answer all of them. Please don’t be sad when I won’t answer your ask! 

(Also 4chan sadly seems to have also sent me over some haters, getting a lot of hate messages right now and I want to enjoy the rest of my birthday with joyful things, so I’m off for a while now! See ya!)


How not to pick up girls 

Anonymous said: Would it be rude of me to say that I think you are more beautiful now than you were in those old pictures? Not to say that you weren't beautiful then, it's just I personally think you are absolutely stunning right now.

Not at all. I think so too. Because back then I was in fact thinner, but I didn’t feel too comfortable in my body. And for me, that’s the thing that makes you beautiful!

Thank you <3 

Anonymous said: Happy birthday Glassy~! Hope it's a wonderful, amazing day!!

Thank youuu! So far I’m not the healthiest right now (got sick tonight), but my day is full of positive messages, so it’s very okay. <3 

Have an amazing day, too!

Anonymous said: I've got another hint on what I'm gonna send you as a birthday gift: Kon-elle joins the Glasmondloving anthology. ♡




It’s the lovely miss Glasmond’s birthday today, hooray!! I drew Glas’ Pinkie Pie along with my Vinyl Scratch to throw her a big thumpin’ party, hahaha xD

Hope you have a great one, darling. So happy to see you back on tumblr <333


Thanks, dem you little precious sugarcube!! <3 <3 <3

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munchywearstinyhats said: Hello, I was just linked your Galacon video on /mlp/ and I have to ask you something urgent. How the fuck is everyone in this video gorgeous? Even that Big Mac cosplayer is fucking mind-blowing and this is coming from a straight male. How are all of your friends fucking 10/10? Are you guys just part of a secret cult and you go around stealing people's youth? I don't understand this. I demand a full, in depth explanation about how I can become top tier waifu material/join your vampire cult.

Uhm hum - eh … hahaha? eh - I’m not exactly sure how to react eh

I… I guess it’s because we really love the stuff we do…? I don’t know. I know a lot of people who are really beautiful, but who wouldn’t look so well n MLP Cosplays. Chewer, who is Big Mac, also fits the role pretty well. Imagine him as Hoity Toity or something, that just wouldn’t work out, or me as Rainbow Dash or Schpog as Fluttershy. I think the clue is to choose characters that fit you well?

But a little help of Cthulhu can be handy, too. 

Also: You draw really cute!

Anonymous said: Did you know that /mlp/ loves you? Also happy birthday

I was wondering about the sudden income of messages related to my video and just found out.

But geez, wow. I hope I don’t offend you know but tbh many of my friends advised me against 4chan for they’ve encountered so much hate over there, so this is a nice surprise and also a very sweet birthday gift. Thank you!

Tfw you return from your hiatus and even /mlp/ welcomes you. 

Anonymous said: It's your birthday party, a very special day. I've got a song, it won't take long, I just wanted to say; happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy birthday to you ~! :) umm... hugs? *hugs you* Happy birthday Glasmond.

Aw thanks anon!

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