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Announcement: Private Retreat

Hey guys.

Because of the the heavy stalking and impersonating problems since almost one year, MissCherry, Schpog and I decided to retreat from the internet. 

Maybe we’ll still reblog things once in a while, but we won’t post any private pictures and opinions anymore. Maybe we will shut down our tumblrs completly.

Please don’t expect any answers towards asks.
Sorry for the inconvenience, guys. I love you.

PS: Be careful when you find suspicious MissCherrys, Glasmonds and Schpogs on any platform. 

Anonymous asked: I just wondered, if you got my "Ask". Don't want to stress you, but I would be much calmer if I knew you received it. If not, here's the Link to the Google Doc: docs google com/document/d/1jJ1TQwA17He21ewyTjV9Eu7Vvtu_ZTTmKkJp_3I4QGs/edit?usp=sharing - Wish you a nice day anyways, stay like you are! :-)

Yes, I recieved it! Hadn’t had time to answer it yet, sadly. (I have quite a bunch of longer messages waiting here because they take way longer to answer, usually)

Have a nice day, too!



Did you ever realize how much your body loves you? It’s always trying to keep you alive. It’s making sure you breathe while you sleep, stopping cuts from bleeding, fixing broken bones, finding ways to beat the illnesses that might get you. Your body literally loves you so much. It’s time you start loving it back.


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Anonymous asked: Geht es deinen Hundis gut? Bin etwas besorgt, weil man nichts mehr von ihnen sieht...?

Ja, ihnen geht’s gut. Man sieht von den beiden Zuckerstücken nichts mehr weil sie leider nicht mehr bei mir sind… ich war eine Weile in der Klinik und meine Familie hatte sich ihrer angenommen. Meine Cousine bekam Keksi, meine Mutter Lupa. Meine Cousine will Keks nun nicht mehr zurückgeben (ihre Mutter hat sogar geweint als ich sie wieder abholen wollte) und seitdem Lupa einen hektargroßen Garten zum Auslauf hat und ein Rudel (meine Mutter hat mehr Hunde), bringe ich es nicht übers Herz sie wieder mit in eine Großstadt zu nehmen… 
Es vergeht aber kaum ein Tag an den ich die beiden nicht vermisse, und selbst jetzt, noch Jahre nachdem sie nicht mehr bei mir sind, rufe ich manchmal nach ihnen ;_;

Anonymous asked: Please tell misscherryto do more videos like that because she is amazing at it

Yes, I already did! She definitly should.

Anonymous asked: would you ever date any guys that were ugly physically but have a funny, nice personality?

A person with a great personality can’t be ugly.

Anonymous asked: Im sorry for the loss.

What are you talking about?


Radioactive ASL Interpretation

As some of you may know I am learning german sign language and love translating songs into sign! Yesterday I saw a wonderful interpretation of the song Radioactive by Imagine Dragons from the amazing asl youtuber Alissa and decided to try my hands on it! 

I usually sign in german sign language (DGS) though, mind you! I really want to keep making these video and I am working on a next idea already. Next time I will be more brave with my expressions! 

I hope you enjoy the video <3 

You did a wonderful job, love! Looks so strong and sexy, we definitly need to do more of them.

Via La danse macabre

Look, a template edit I made for this Padlockblog! <3 

Anonymous asked: The world really seems better to me when I think about the fact that you are living in it right now <3

Anonymous asked: Do you ship misscerry and schpog? :P

Of course. Hardcore. 

Anonymous asked: If you would need to choose, what would be more important for you: Sex or cuddling?

That’s a hard question, since sex and cuddling comes almost always hand in hand. I could have cuddles without sex, but I don’t think that I could have sex without cuddling. 
So, hm, I guess cuddling…?

Anonymous asked: I ship you and misscerry so hard :3

Awww she’ll be glad to hear that, people usually ship Schpog and me or us three together!

Anonymous asked: Hihi, ich will garnix fragen, aber ich verfolge deine Entwicklung und deine Blogs schon seit ewigen Zeiten , seit animexx und hab dir noch nie gesagt wir toll ich dich finde. <3 lots of love <3

Oh! Es überrascht mich immer wieder wenn mir Leute von damals immer noch folgen, da ich mich ja doch sehr verändert habe… 
Magst du mir vielleicht erzählen warum du mir folgst? <3
So oder so: Danke dir <3!!

Anonymous asked: Valentines day is coming up <3 i've got something for you but i'm wondering what you will do for your ladies, Nice dinner? Restaurant? Home party? <3 Kisses - Teekee

Hm, we’ll be mostly at the shop at valentines day, and I think we’ll be very beaten after that, so probably it will be just cuddling and eating/preparing dinner together. <3

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